All Software tools by Creation is a PC platform that makes it possible to manipulate some games in favor of the player for many mainstream and current games. At the same time, the software identifies a large part of the already installed games on the disk and provides appropriate manipulation options.

Trainers - these have been small programs that have interfered with the game by means of Trojan practices, for example, to gain infinite mods or quickly gain experience and Speed / Hight Jump / god view. For people who do not have the whole day to play games, it's an interesting opportunity, if not dishonest, to get ahead in games fast and efficient. Because of the Trojan practices, these programs often triggered false positives in virus scanners and the like, and you never really knew if it was "just" a false-positive alarm. Creation tools seems to work differently because my virus scanner has not sounded the alarm so far. Overall, this program, which sees itself as a platform for coaches and mods, but makes a good and, above all, safe impression.

The application is very simple: You install Creation hack tool, start it and start the desired game via Creation ... As a rule, the "inster" keys or the number pad are reserved for the trainer. In the game corresponding cheats are activated or deactivated by pressing a button.

Creation are found without registration with only serial key. For important people, there is also a paid Pro version, which actually only ne remote / remote control function has extra, where you can cheats on mobile phones and issue can ... But I think that you can do without confidently ...

Anyone who wants to make a picture of Creation hack without any obligation can make this on their homepage:

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